purelybroken asked: Can you do the wishing dress and wedding dress from Phantom? :)

Yes and yes! I have soooo many papers for the wedding dress! Stay tuned! :D


The Triton Girl Details

If you have any requests for paper costumes, Phantom or otherwise, send them here!

I plan on making most, if not all Masquerade and Christine costumes! If you have a favorite you want to see first, go ahead and send them!


Cut Paper Masqueraders! I can’t sew, so I’ll just make paper costumes.

I will make detail posts of each soon!


really though what do people think MotN is about


Here is a music video I worked on throughout the spring with my bandmates in Wood Spider. We all rotoscoped different segments from a live video of one of our songs. I’m super proud of all of us for being able to complete such a project and trudging through all of the mental breakdowns.

Animation is becoming a super exciting medium for me. Working on this has only given me more ideas to play around with in my next project, which I hope to have done by the end of fall.

Look at this beautiful thing my pal Alex made. Great music, great art!


Video Evidence of What Happens When You Stuff a Car Exhaust Pipe Full of Party Favors

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire. My face is literally drenched in tears I can’t handle this video, I don’t think I can ever watch it again


Guess who goes back to school tomorrow?

Not me.



hearing a story thats obviously made up


Working FP return


things i used to laugh at

  • actual jokes

things i laugh at now

  • yard sard

Enjoy yummy food? this blog is for you!

It’s coming… My favorite time of year is coming!


that moment of intimacy with the person who adjusts your seat belt on a roller coaster

My life.

stuffalextumbles asked: I think my worst (or best) baking experience was when Mel (lemmielem) and I tried to make a jelly roll. But instead of a tea towel or kitchen towel, we used a bath towel. The cake crumbled, and we had a terry cloth towel embedded with powdered sugar. We went to shake it out in the backyard, which released a cloud of sugar into the air which settled nicely all over Mel's body. Then Mel's mom spilled barbecue sauce on what was left of the jelly roll.


Oh man I totally cringed reading that. Towel cake? That towel was on someone’s butt once!!! Haha, awesome story though. :)

never thought about the butt-cake part before.

They see me Trollin’


They hatin’…

Somebody brought this back today. Wow



This must be Florida….