The Triton Girl Details

If you have any requests for paper costumes, Phantom or otherwise, send them here!

I plan on making most, if not all Masquerade and Christine costumes! If you have a favorite you want to see first, go ahead and send them!


Cut Paper Masqueraders! I can’t sew, so I’ll just make paper costumes.

I will make detail posts of each soon!

Little Lon Chaney.

Made from a silly Michaels Halloween vinyl skeleton toy. I will probably sculpt the guy a mask in the future.

Co-staring my Maria Bjornson chandelier shirt.

Your chains are still mine, you will sing for me!


This will be up for sale TOMORROW!  Final sizing details and pricing will be listed then!  It is for sale through myself.  I accept Paypal.

I’m going to finish it up tonight and tomorrow. It looks pretty finished, but actually I just have the “crotch tiara” pinned on and I need to sew it right now.  I am debating whether I should make it removable or not.  I need to decorate the back with rhinestones, add some velcro for something (will explain later) and I need to make the back “rope” skirt (yeah, only the front half has the skirt right now!) <- Ran out of fabric but I have it now.  And I need to stitch the area where the rope skirt meets the bodice, closer to the bodice so it doesn’t hang away from the costume as much.

After that, she should be done!  The tiara and the wristbands are included in the costume!

I was supposed to be getting a mannequin with a HEAD and LEGS this week (FINALLY), but I’ve been trying to get it for a month, and the Craigslist seller only responded once… and I still need details on when and where to get it.  Funny part is, it has no arms.  But I’m assuming I can just use the arms from this mannequin.  Who knows.  I just wish I had the thing to take a picture with the whole ensemble.  Maybe they’ll get back to me soon.


I posted a low-res Photo booth version of this a few months ago. Finally, here’s a scan!


Carlotta as the Countess in Il Muto and bits of Christine as Serafimo

i see SB in the last photo omfg seriously so beautiful

I would find a way to incorporate Phantom in my Art in NY sketchbook…

A better scan once it’s dry…

ooooof course.



GUYS. The Chandelier at the 25th said “Maria”…

reblogging myself just because this needs more notes.


GUYS. The Chandelier at the 25th said “Maria”…


Annie Harrington in a Spider Web Dress

look familiar?

Glass Prism: 'Phantom' to tour in new production


A teeny weeny bit more info on the new tour.

Exclusive: Cameron Mackintosh will mount a brand new production of legit blockbuster “Phantom of the Opera” for a worldwide tour in early 2012.

Following an agreement with Hal Prince, whose original 1986 production has since been seen by over 100…

 But… No. Maria Bjornson… But…. NO. :( NO. I just, can’t!