#inktober day 1! Little late to the party, heres the only way to start the party, Morticia Addams. #morticiaaddams #anjelicahuston #addamsfamily #art #myart #illustration


Cut Paper Masqueraders! I can’t sew, so I’ll just make paper costumes.

I will make detail posts of each soon!



Halloween is coming my sweet babies!

Get some sweet custom skulls at my etsy shop!

buy my friend’s beautiful painted skulls, guys you won’t be disappointed!

It’s getting close to that magical time! Don’t be without one of these!

For Ray Manzarek of The Doors

A concept for a Doctor Who themed hotel.

hpy birday bb.

Your chains are still mine, you will sing for me!

Augustus Gloop

Alex and I are hard at work with InDesign.


“And, the way I feel about Adele is, I doubt, and I hope, and I’m pretty confident, that she does not think about Karl Lagerfeld, ever. I bet that is the last thing on her mind at night. She’s falling asleep on her 85 Grammys and however many millions of albums she’s sold and however many millions of pounds that she has, and is just probably thinking, like, “You know what – all right!”

-Beth Ditto on Karl Lagerfeld calling Adele fat

Look, my lovely professor Peter did this!

Drawing during class at Alvin Ailey. 


Is pretty much done and ready for the senior show

Promising Dancer M. Andre, Most Promising…

It’s been far too long since I’ve drawn something Phantomy.

Extreme close ups of a J. C. Leyendecker.

Hes absolutely one of my favorites and my biggest inspiration.